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A few words about me

I was born in Gdańsk, where I lived for 25 years.

Presently I live in Gdynia.

I have a family: husband, 3 sons and a daughter and additionally a hamster and 2 parrots.

I like jogging in the forest and have much fun

in swimming in the Baltic Sea, especially in winter time.I like meetings with my friends, drinking coffee and eating - I am the fan of chocolate and flunders

with chips.

I spend my free time on reading books and watching documentary films about other countries and different cultures. I am also fond of comedies and playing board games with my family.

And certainly I love walking around my town and have much fun with discovering my lovely Tricity.

In 2004 I attended one year course for local Tricity guides as to know more about my town. 



I am a lucky man - as a tour guide,

I can join both: my hobby and my profession.

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