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Hope to exceed Your expectations

Here You can find information about the most popular tours in Tricity   Recommended if You are for the first time in this part of Poland

Sightseeing of cathedral connected with organs concert,   a walk in Sopot with its attractions:       the longest, wooden pier in Europe, crooked house and brine water 

Time: 4-5 hours


The Main City with

its beautiful Kings Road

and magical Mariacka Street

The Golden Gate

and beautiful tenements

in the Long Street,

the Main Town Hall,

Artus Court and

Fountain of Neptune

on the Long Market,

the Crane and water gates 

on Motława River, 

Mariacka Street with famous and enormous 

St. Mary's Church

Time: 2-3 hours


The Main City in Gdańsk,

the cathedral 

in Gdańsk Oliwa with its amazing organs and a walk

in Sopot 

the famous health resort

Sightseeing of cathedral connected with organs concert, a walk in Sopot

with its attractions:

the longest, wooden pier

in Europe, crooked house and brine water

Time: 4-5 hours


The Main City 

in Gdańsk, 

the cathedral

in Gdańsk Oliwa 

with its amazing organs, a walk

in Sopot 

the famous health resort and

a walk in

the modern

city of Gdynia

A view from the Stone Mountain, marina, "Błyskawica" - the oldest destroyer in the world

and "Dar Pomorza" -

a beautiful, training ship

both as museums available for sightseeing

Time: 5-6 hours

Here you can find more Tour options in Tricity                                                          

  1. The Old Town in Gdańsk with Old Town Hall, the Saint Catherine's Church and its carillions, the Saint Brigitte's Church with an enormous Amber Altar, Romanesque Cellar and Polish Post Office - the memory of the first days of the Second World War

  2. Westerplatte - the memory of the Second World War beginning and visiting New Port with the time sphere and brick lighthouse

  3. Fortress "Wisłoujście" a unique, extraordinary fortification monument

  4. a walk in Sopot center connected with Medieval Stronghold sightseeing

  5. the cathedral in Oliwa connected with a walk in a beautiful Park with funny whisper grottos, climbing on the Servant Hill with a wonderful viewpoint

Special Walk Offer connected with visiting unique museums


CHURCH WALK - 3 churches: St.Mary's Church, St.Catherines Church

with a possibility of visiting the Museum of Science ( previously known

as the Museum of Tower Clocks) - the only one in Poland, here you can also see and hear 50 carillions and admire a beautiful view

on Gdańsk, St.Brigitte's Church with a wonderful Amber Altar

AMBER WALK - 3 places where you can fascinate with amber -  

Gold of Baltic: Museum of Amber situated in the Great Mill,

the Saint Brigitte's Church with Amber Altar and Mariacka Street

with amber jewellery art

"THE WAY TO FREEDOM" WALK - European Solidarity Centre museum, the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers 1970

It is also possible to apply and organize Your time due to individual interests and expectations.

Fontanna Neptuna
the-pier-752170_1280 (1).jpg
Crooked house in Sopot
The house of millers in Gdańsk
Fortress " Wisłoujście"


Peninsula Hel

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